Uniting Education Schools and Colleges (Uniting Education) is the body established by the Uniting Church in Queensland to be the link between the Church and its schools and residential colleges. Its members seek to encourage and support Uniting Church-affiliated schools to further the mission of Christ in that context

Our vision

We will continue to develop sustainable, authentic partnerships with schools, residential colleges, and the wider church so that we can further/foster the mission of Christ together.

Our purpose

To serve Uniting Education Schools and Colleges and our wider Church through sharing information, providing well-researched advice and advocating externally. To strengthen governance across our portfolio, relationships among affiliates, and the emphasis on mission.

Our values

In response to God’s grace, we are called to live out and nurture in our affiliates the gospel values:

  • Faithfulness
  • Compassion
  • Humility
  • Truthfulness
  • Justice

Our focus

  • Engaging in intentional, open connections and partnerships
  • Building viable, sustainable governance and management structures and protocols
  • Fostering cultures grounded in gospel values.