Board Appointments

Uniting Education Schools and Colleges (Uniting Education), under the delegation of The Synod Standing Committee of the Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod, makes appointments to various school and college boards and councils.

Synod appointments to school and college boards are made by the following process:

  1. Prospective nominees submit a nomination form and resume to Uniting Education
  2. Uniting Education conducts an interview
  3. On the basis of the nomination form, resume, interview, the prospective nominee’s understanding of governance responsibilities, appropriate overall Board skills mix, and a current vacancy, Uniting Education decides whether to approve the candidate for membership of a school or college board
  4. Uniting Education determines whether the nominee will be appointed and for what term
  5. Board members seeking reappointment for a further term must undergo an evaluation process conducted by Uniting Education.

Expression of Interest:

If you are interested in serving on a school or residential college board/council, please download and complete an Expression of Interest Form and email it to the Operations Manager at You can also direct any questions here.