Calvary Christian College part of Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations at Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth
Calvary Christian College’s Principal and two staff will travel to Windsor Castle in London after being invited to tell their story of innovation in educational practice as part of Her Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday celebrations in May, 2016. The College will also be featured in the Her Majesty’s official commemorative album in the chapter titled “The Best of the Commonwealth”.

The Calvary staff will also be visiting a number of UK educational institutions as part of their itinerary.

Mr Coote stated, “at Calvary, we look forward to implementing 21st century learning experiences.  Our goal is to deliver the essence of education that opens the door to an abundance of engaged and quality learning experiences. Curiosity, innovative thinking, creativity, open communication, connected collaboration, flexibility and play are all great examples of the characteristics that produce wonderful opportunities for students to flourish and thrive”.

One such place that the Calvary staff will be visiting is the Fablab in the UK.  While this is not a school, the Fablab provides an amazing insight to the benefits in targeting the above characteristics. Our staff will meet with Sophie Thomas, Co-Director of Design at the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), who gives the advice, “don’t just talk about it, go and test it. Go run it out over there, find somebody who can help you and really think about that….”. This is an example of the innovative directions students need to take in their learning. To add, the mission of the RSA is to enrich society through ideas AND action. This is something to get excited about for the future in education.